The Marches extends from north to south, between Emilia Romagna and Abruzzo, and from east to west, by the Adriatic Sea to the Apennines Mountains which it shares with Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. It is from this multifaceted influence of neighboring territories that the extraordinary richness of the Marches food and wine culture derives. From the maritime tradition that brings to the table fish and crustaceans, to the valley and hillside tradition that offers wine, pastry, vegetables, legumes, meats and poultry, and to the mountainous pastoral tradition completing the pantry with cheese, truffles, mushrooms, chestnuts and meats of lamb and beef. Highly professional chefs who best interpret the culinary traditions of the Marches, work in our elegant and cozy restaurant, furnished with an open kitchen. The meals are prepared with fresh produce from only selected local producers. Enjoy a delicious plate of Campofilone pasta with rag├╣ or stuffed Ascolane olives which are strictly home-made by expert hands, according to the traditional method (this is a must!). You can enjoy all of our specialties with a romantic candle-lit dinner for two with a personal waiter on your balcony.